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Making Crepes is Fun!

The crepe pan is made of quality cast iron. The underside is marked with the celtic triskell for even heat distribution

Chefs all over the world know good cooking starts with good cookware.
Naturally seasoned cast iron is simply the best for making the biggest and best crepes.

I love crepes!

You can make sweet crepes or
you can make savory crepes.
You can roll your crepe
or you can fold your crepe.
Crepes can be breakfast.
Crepes can be dinner.
There’s no wrong way to make a crepe!

Crepe pans are currently SOLD OUT. Please return next year for more news.

40 Responses to GET A CREPE PAN

  1. CurlyMaya says:

    Which is the best option get unseason or season crepes pan? How can I make order it? I am crazy over the crepes.Thank you!!!

  2. CurlyMaya says:

    I am ready and Can I order the Crepes Pan? Thank you

  3. says:

    what is the approximate wait for the shipment of one pan?.
    How much would shipping be to Montreal,Canada?

    • Right now, we’re in the process of Kickstarter fulfillment and have continued to take pre-orders which are originally listed to be fulfilled by April. However, most of those orders will be filled by late February. Shipping to Canada for this cast iron is $50 (USD)

  4. joe sandor says:

    a small batch made it out in time for Christmas. I’m in the process of fulfilling the remainder of the Kickstarter orders plus preparing for the April pre-order

  5. Tim says:

    Hi Captain,

    I love what you are doing, I’ve fallen in love with cast iron as a cooking surface an love it when I see unique cast iron out there.

    I’m interested in a product like yours but designed for use over charcoal briquettes much like a “camp style” dutch oven with cast iron legs to support the cookware over the coals.

    Really I guess all i need is some sort of support under your standard design.



  6. antoine says:

    Hello, I find your product very interesting and would like to be contacted to discuss possible wholesale, distribution & dropship options.

  7. lewis says:

    Hi I’m looking to place a order from the other side of the pond “England” whats the turn around time and delivery to the UK do you have/want a UK distributor?

  8. Ty says:

    Finally I’ve found a flat crepe pan. I was thinking I’d have to make one. Are these designed for an evenly distributed gas flame underneath or will it work on an electric range. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use it on my electric stove top. I’m thinking for even heat distribution, it needs even heat underneath it.

    Congratulations, hope this works as a business for you. i think Crepes have a wonderful future in The us since many people don’t know what they are or think they are for desserts only.

  9. Hahaha, just saw this update asking for our address to which to mail the magnet. 1432 W. Barry Ave, Rear Apt, Chicago, il, 60657

    And Joe, wanted to let you know that we launched our kickstarter this week, and you know it’s the perfect chocolate sauce to go with your crepes!
    Obviously, please tell everyone you know. thank you!

    It was nice meeting you at the GAlleria, trusting you enjoyed your chocolate sauce.

  10. Ty says:

    What is the diameter?
    I’m thinking 12″ might be kind of small, but 16″ would be the professional size.

  11. KRis says:

    How big is the pan.

  12. Matt says:

    Where’s the skull and cross bones pan?

    • Joy says:

      If you’re still interested in the pirate pancake griddle (the skull and crossbones…) go to Kickstarter and search “pirate pancake griddle.” Contact me via Kickstarter – I have a limited few left for sale!

  13. Ross says:

    Do you have stock to ship if I were to order?

  14. peter dyck says:

    I make crepes but on a small 10″ pan – your’s looks great! What are the actual diameters of the two shown in the video? – I would need 2 so the shipping would run around $100! -Any outlets in Canada, maybe Toronto? – what sort of burner size would be optimum? I will be using propane outside
    Thanks, pete

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  16. Jean Paul Roy says:

    I just ordered your product crepe cured cast iron skillet and it is being sent to the wrong address.

    my credit card address is not where it needs to go.

    Please send my order for to:

    Hal-Mari International Logistics Inc.
    9122 Telephone Road,
    Houston, Texas 77075


  17. TJ says:

    Are you looking for an investor?

    • Joy says:

      Possibly – send me your contact info and we can talk. I’ve also been involved with FlipCrepes of Chicago looking at opportunities to expand our market.

  18. James says:

    Hello, I’ve been interested in buying a crepe pan for a while, now that I’ve decided to buy one and had my eye on yours for some time, I can’t due to them being out of stock. Do you have an ETA of availability or another way I can buy this crepe pan?

    Thank you

  19. Kotze says:

    HI Captain, when do sales start again? i really want one

  20. Grace says:

    Just wondering when we will be able to purchase again. This is exactly what I need! thank you!

  21. Hannah says:


    I have been searching for a decent if not amazing crepe pan for a very long time! However i finally come across yours, and there is a big notice saying you have sold out!!! Do you know when i could possibly order a pan? And do you ship to australia – costs etc?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  22. Laura says:

    I was hoping to order a crepe pan and see if there was any way I could order the Pirate Pancake pan. I sent an email a few days after the kickstarter ended and I missed by a hair, which was several months ago, begging for a way to be added to the pirate pan order with no reply. Also the crepe pan is sold out, so is everything OK? I know the kickstarter is successful and you are probably very busy, but please send a response to let me know if I have any options. I really want to invest in these pans and your business.

  23. Son says:

    Is there going to be another production run and are you taking pre-orders?

  24. Willis says:

    ALL SOLD OUT?? I see your notice That says “Check back next Year”… So it doesn’t appear they will be aVAILABLE Anytime before X-mas. COuld give US a little more information on your possible plans/POtential TIMING for the next batch?

  25. renee says:

    Hi Can someone please email me when this crepe pan is again available for purchase. Until then I’m stuck with ordinary ss fry pan.

  26. Lin says:

    Hi, your crepe pan looks Very interesting. mY husband would love it. How can I place an order?

  27. Lee says:

    I Must have this! i can’t believe how hard it is to find an awesome crepe pan like this without an edge. I would like to be notified when these are available again.

    quick question. Why do you suggest caution when using on an induction cook top?

    looking forward to getting a pan!

    • Joy says:

      I can notify you when production starts again – probably by mid-2014. As for induction, it’s harder to control the heat and possibly more difficult to pick up the pan if it’s not a raised coil.

  28. christy says:

    I see that you’re out of stock. Any chance of you adding a “put me on your alert list for when we have more” function? I’d really like to know when you have more, please! :)

    • Joy says:

      I would anticipate it’d be mid-2014 if I am able to get another production going. I will definitely notify you when that time comes!

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